26 January 2011


Hello everyone! As you can seen I'm working on redesigning my blog and just wanted to pop in and let you know it may take awhile because I'm fixing up all my old photos so they match the new layout. In the meantime, here are some wonderful woodland critters I seem to have accumulated to keep you company during the renovations.

Woodland Critters

06 January 2011

Cameo love

Cameos are another item I always try and keep an eye out for in op shops. Not just any cameo will do though, they can't be too lightweight or plastic looking and they have to be relatively nice looking (some can be a wea bit challenged in that area!). This is another of my Mum's little collections that I borrow from time to time.

I love these necklaces. Originally they were just pendants that we found chains for. My favourite is the one on the right. I found the stand in an op shop too; it's a cute little mini hat stand that I use to hang dainty necklaces on.

You may have seen these already from the brooch collection, although the blue cameo is a new addition. I think they look so nice with the filigree borders.

Lastly are these little cameo earrings. This is the best photo I could get on my point-and-shoot but you get the idea. It would be great to find a little cameo ring next :)