01 June 2011

Show us yer clickers!

I found these old party favours in box when mum did a bit of a cleanout. They're made out of tin and are most likely from the 50s. The beetles and indian man are clickers that have a metal tab on the back and make a delightful KER-CLICK KER-CLICK KER-CLICK noise when pressed and the other two are whistles :) I wonder whose idea it was to include these in the lolly bags of party-going children who are already high on sugar?

Continuing with the party theme I found these sweet old packets of Medallion party invitations at the op shop. I haven't opened them yet but according to the back of each packet one side has "Dear____ Will you come to my party on..." with date, time place etc. and the other side is for the invitee to circle their attendance :)