24 January 2010

This little light of mine

Oh dear, looks like I've already fallen off the blogging wagon. So much for more regular updates! Must. Try. Harder. I admit I've been slack in photographing my recent finds, but I do have some photos of my latest acquisition to share with you.

I bought this cute retro desk lamp from a local op shop for $5, still in good working condition. I don't think op shops are actually allowed to sell second hand electrical goods in case someone gets injured, but I'm assured that all their electrical items are checked out and tested (ie. by plugging the item into a power outlet out the back and assuming it's ok if it turns on without burning the shop down). Anyway here it is in all it's light-giving glory...

Writing about my 'retro' lamp just now reminded me of an interesting exert I read the other day from a book called The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping by Melody Fortier about the difference between vintage and retro fashion. Here's what Ms. Fortier had to say on the matter...

'...the true definition of vintage has something to do with age and previous popular appeal, but that's not everything. For me a key concept is what I like to call 'Enduring Style'...Be they old or not so old, vintage fashions are about styles that are pioneering, classic or iconic as well as reflective of their era. And although their day may have come and gone, there is renewed interest in wearing them' (p.10).

'Retro is another term used (and confused) with vintage. Retro commonly refers to clothing designed to emulate past fashions... Retro-vintage is vintage clothing that evokes an even earlier time than its own' (p.12).

I still haven't quite got my head around the definitions of both of these, especially with 'antique' then thrown into the mix. I may have to get my paws on a copy of the book so I can read up a bit more. For now I think I'll just cover all bases by referring to anything that looks like it was made before I was born as 'old'.

11 January 2010

Summer days

I mentioned towards the end of my last post that many op shops are beginning to open after the Christmas & New Year break. Now, and for the whole of January really, is a great time to go op shopping as people are de-cluttering for a fresh start to the year as well as donating unwanted Christmas pressies. I've had a bit of a de-clutter myself so hope to get my op shop on sometime this week when some nice (ie. below 40 degree) weather kicks in.

Speaking of the weather, here are some cute Summery dresses I found a while ago. Did you notice my segue there (as opposed to segway which is the thing you ride. Took me ages to figure that one out!) ?

This one's a Valley Girl dress (I'm beginning to see a theme with Valley Girl clothing) made from light cottony material with a cute matching bow at the front and cost $5.

This second one I think may have been made by hand as it doesn't have a tag. I think it would look cute with a light denim jacket. This one cost $2.

Both dresses need a little bit of altering of the straps and such. I'll have to get someone to do that for me; It's times like these I really wish I could sew!

10 January 2010

Fill me with apples

Haven't op shopped much clothing in a while so thought I'd do a small post on these two tops I managed to nab at my favourite op shop when they were having a half price sale.

The on on the left is a navy Valley Girl top with apples all over it and cost $1.75. It zips up at the side so fits really nicely and has pleats at the front. The second one is a light blue dotty shirt from Temt, also with a zip up the side and cute puffy sleeves, which cost $1.25.

The coat hangers the tops are hanging on are most likely from an op shop too. Op shops are great for finding padded coat hangers, especially the knitted Nana style ones. I think these are better for your clothes than wire or plastic hangers. Hope you're all not melting in the heatwave! A lot of op shops re-open next week after the Christmas and New Year break so hopefully it will cool down a bit by then.

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07 January 2010

Silver bells

I wore this bag with the dress I found on the first op shop tour to my cousin's wedding at the end of October last year. It was brand new, only $5 from the op shop and a perfect match for the dress. I love all the silver beading. I also wore the bow necklace I found awhile ago. My shoes and underwear were new though haha.

Unfortunately I don't have any decent pictures of my outfit from that day so here's a closeup of the bag instead which is much more interesting...

Continuing with the silver theme, I found this genuine Glomesh coin purse for $6. It was sitting in the counter cabinet; couldn't believe someone hadn't snapped it up already!


06 January 2010

Christmas loot part two

Continuing on with the op shop-related Christmas pressies, I also received this gorgeous cream coloured clutch. Just the right size to fit all my crap essentials in when I go out. The inside is all cushy and satiny:

This next one wasn't op-shopped but was given to me by my Aunty. It's a glomesh coin purse that belonged to my Dad's mum so it was a really thoughtful and sentimental present. I love glomesh and don't have anything like this in my collection.

My Aunty also bought me a ticket to another op shop tour which is in a few weeks time, can't wait! I'm going with my cousin :) Hello Linda if you're reading! This time we will definitely be nabbing a seat near the front of the bus and not be moving to the back for some lady with 'car sickness' - yeah right! You can read about the tour me and mum went on here.

This last present wasn't op-shopped as such but was still recycled in a sense. It's a Mickey Mouse watch I used to wear when I was little. Thought we had given it away but Mum found it and got a new battery put in yipee :) Was my favourite present.

So that concludes my loot of nifty thrifty Christmas pressies. Of course like anyone I enjoy new things from time to time but I love op shopping and appreciated the thought that went into these pressies :) I can safely say none will be returning to the op shop anytime soon haha.

05 January 2010

Christmas loot part one

With the Christmas decorations packed away the new year is well and truly underway so I thought it was about time I got my butt into gear with my blog. I've been taking lots of photos today and have a few post ideas stored up my sleeve so can't wait to publish those, although I may stick to scheduling one post to be published every couple days so it *appears* that I'm updating somewhat regularly- I hope that's not cheating!

This post features some of the op-shop related gifts I received for Christmas. Some people would probably balk at the idea of receiving op-shopped presents- after all presents should be shiny and new and wrapped in plastic packaging right? Not the way I look at it. I think a lot of thought goes in to buying someone a present from an op shop. Firstly, you have to have an idea of the person's tastes including the kinds of things they like or maybe collect. Secondly, it is likely you will have to invest a chunk of your time searching different op shops to find the right gift. Thirdly, you are essentially rescuing and finding a new use for something that would have been destined for landfill - recycling makes me happy! I've mentioned before that most op shops are charity-based, so your purchase from an op shop also helps in some small way to brighten another person's Christmas. On that subject, this year I bought a couple presents from Oxfam Unwrapped which is a great alternative to buying someone a box of chocolates or something they may not even use. Anywho, enough of the chitchat, on with the loot!

I got these cute Pierrot pieces which match the trinket box in this post. I have all three set up on my shelf displaying my jewelery, although I haven't figured out what to put in the heart shape vase yet besides maybe a pretty fake flower of something. Any ideas?

Here's a closeup of the jewellery. I absolutely love the pearl bracelet; it's an Avon one and the detailing is so pretty. The pearls aren't actually attached but are kind of wrapped in wire so they don't fall out. The ring is also an Avon one and fits my finger perfectly. The stone reminds me of an aquamarine which is my birthstone :) So nice and shiny. I'm getting a bit of a collection of Avon jewellery so it's something I keep my eye out for. I like enamel jewellery too and the earrings are really cute. Lastly is the opal necklace. It's not stamped so not sure if it's real or not but I love the colour and swear it changes every time I look at it.

Hmm this is turning into a gigantor post so I might split it into two parts. To be continued...