22 April 2012

Minature books of wisdom

Hello everyone, just a quick post to check in and let you know what I've been up to. I hope you all had a nice break over Easter :) Instead of gorging myself on hot crossed buns and chocolate eggs, I booked in to have my wisdom teeth out so I wouldn't have to take as much time off work. It was my first time in hospital and I have to say the anxiety leading up to the operation was a lot worse than the recovery. So good being able to eat crunchy food again!

I had my graduation back in March. I've been finished uni for awhile now but it was good to officially finalise everything. The ceremony looked like something out of Harry Potter with all the staff sitting on stage in their different coloured velvet robes. I kept expecting Dumbledore to pop up...

The picture above is of some mini vintage books I've collected over the past few weeks. I saw this really great decorating idea in Country Style magazine of a glass dome with small books stacked underneath which is what I've got in mind for these. I'm having trouble finding a tall glass dome though; any suggestions? I found the mini cork top bottle in an op shop as well. I thought it looked so cute with the brightly coloured dried flowers inside :) I would love to get more of these and fill them with different things. Have you seen any inspiring home decor ideas lately?