15 May 2010

Anna Sui purse

I found this gorgeous Anna Sui purse the other day at a new Salvos I discovered for $9. The lady was just putting it in to the cabinet as I walked in. I have no idea if it's a replica or not but it was brand new with the Anna Sui card inside and another card with Japanese writing all over it. It also has Anna Sui stamped onto one of the card holders. Regardless, I love the floral tapestry pattern and the lining on the inside. It has heaps of compartments and fits all my cards, love it! If anyone can shed some light on whether it's authentic or not please do as I'd be interested to know =)

14 May 2010

Three little earrings all in a row

I took about fifty million photos of these earrings trying to get a decent shot and of course in the end the one I took first turned out the best. Oh well at least I got out in the sunshine for a bit. The little bells in the middle are the Avon earrings I mentioned in my previous post. I found these in a junky box full of bits and pieces of jewelery (You know, like those metallic pom pom earrings people wear around Christmas and those thin rubber bracelets that were cool in the 90s. Well I thought they were cool. Especially if you wore two linked together). I asked the op shop lady how much they were and she said that they have a minimum of 50c for items to which I casually replied "oh ok" and handed over my coin.

The flowers I found for a couple dollars at my favourite op shop and the Pharaohs were $5 from the Salvos which was probably a bit much but I thought they were interesting =)

02 May 2010

Glomesh love

I've been meaning to do a post on this Glomesh purse I got for my Birthday for ages (My B'day was at the beginning of March...). My Gran gave it to me and she still had it wrapped in the plastic in its original box. I have a couple of the small square purses in my collection but not a rectangular one like this. It's in such perfect condition that I'm afraid to use it. But then I figure what's the point in having a collection if you just keep it in a drawyer and don't enjoy it?

Even better is that when I opened the purse to take a photo I discovered some Birthday money I had forgotten to take out, woo woo!

On a side note, does anyone read Frankie magazine? I came across it on Penelope from Our Tea Party's blog last year and have been buying every issue since. I managed to get some back issues and have been trying to complete my collection (yes another collection haha) so if you have any issues from 1-15 that you would be willing to part with do let me know :)

01 May 2010

Tell me more, tell me more...

'Twas a very successful shopping trip today of the op variety. I took my friend around to some oppies to find her a costume for a 1950s themed 21st that we've both got coming up. We found a pink faux leather jacket, a black skirt and bought some tulle to sew underneath - hello Pink Lady! I've already bought a dress from Etsy but you'll have to wait for the finished product. In the meantime I managed to stumble across these beauties and yes, it was love at first sight!

I found this pretty dress at the Salvos for $6. I love the style of this dress with its little capped sleeves and gorgeous colours. It has a ruffled hem and ruffling on each side of the row of buttons that goes down the middle.

I also found this wonderful wool/poly blend mustard coloured coat at Vinnies for $18! I have been craving a coat in this colour for a while and prayed hard that it was my size when I saw it. Lucky for me it's a small 10! I think this will turn out really nicely after a good dry clean. My Dad thinks it looks like one of the old jackets that real estate agents from Century 21 used to wear but I love it! It's a swing-style jacket that kind of flares out a bit at the bottom. I found a couple pairs of earrings and a brooch today as well. One pair are Avon earrings that cost 50c! Saving those for another post though ;)