02 August 2011

Agatha Christie

Lately I've been really into reading old Agatha Christie murder-mystery novels. I used to love reading Nancy Drew books when I was a kid and always fancied being a mystery-busting detective. At primary school in year 2 my friend and I created a 'Pet Detective' agency and charged $1 to find people's missing pets. Business was slow and it never really got off the ground :|

I've started collecting Agatha Christie books from op shops, ebay, etsy and second hand book stores. This is just a small selection from what has already turned into a rather large stack. I found a whole lot of cheap paperbacks at the Salvos for $2 each, but the ones I really want to collect are the old hardbacks with interesting dust jackets like the two above. I would love to have a whole shelf of my bookcase filled with a hodgepodge of vintage Agathas :)

I'd love to hear some recommendations for other old school detective novels and mysteries. None of this fancy forensic stuff, just good ol' whodunnits :)