15 April 2011

Old fashioned letters

Besides op shopping and old things I also love stationary and was really excited to combine these loves in the form of vintage stationary! This first set is from Avon and contains 15 'delicate daisies gift notes' that you write on and fold into sealed envelopes. It also came with a scented talc sachet inscribed with a sweet message "This special perfumed talc sachet gives your gift notes the delightful fragrance of Delicate Daisies" and is meant to be left unopened in the folder.

Avon stationary
I also found two wonderful Peanuts letter sets from 1958 (same year as the mug in my previous post!). One of them shows Snoopy dressed as an artist painting "Have a nice day!" on his canvas, and the other has him following a trail of butterflies :)

Snoopy stationary
I can't wait to use these :) I don't often get the chance to write snail mail but I'm sure I'll think of something. I'm still keeping my eye out for some goodies to give away in celebration of reaching triple figures and have collected a couple things so far but for now they remain a secret ;)

Snoopy artist
Snoopy flower


  1. Oh I had that Snoopy set in the last photo! I wonder what I did with it? I kept it for years.

  2. Most excellent finds! Congratulations :) There isn't enough snail mail in this world, I was actually thinking about that today as I sent a letter to a sick friend who lives overseas. So much better than a casual email or facebook message :) We should re-popularise the snail mail trend!

  3. I love the letter writing sets! So cute.

  4. I had the Avon Set when I was a young girl. My Nanny bought it for me along with some cute little cream perfume in a pop up brooch.
    Thanks for the memories.. its amazing the things we forget about that were special at the time :)


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