04 May 2011

Exciting news!

Hi everyone, I've got some exciting news to share! I've been selected as one of 25 finalists in a vintage fashion competition. I had to submit a photo of myself in a vintage outfit and decided to enter wearing a dress that I bought during my second day at the vintage fashion fair. Some of the other finalists are also bloggers and vintage store owners so I'm definitely up against some strong competition.

edit: Thanks so much for all your votes everyone. Unfortunately I didn't win but better luck next time :)

vintage dress
I just loved the cut and fit of this dress when I tried it on, not to mention the beautiful bright floral pattern. The owner of the stall where I bought the dress has a shop in Gleneg called Liebe Fashion Gallery and I can't wait to go and check out what other goodies they have. I got the bag and shoes from an op shop for a friend's 50s themed 21st last year - too bad I didn't have the dress then because it would've been perfect! The bag is so cute and looks like a mini suitcase :)


  1. Wow, beautiful dress, I'm off to vote .. good luck!

  2. Thankyou so much Erica Louise, I really appreciate it =)

  3. That dress is divine! I love the print and it fits you like a dream! :)

  4. That dress looks stunning!!!

    Going to vote for you now :)

    That hyperbole blog is HILARIOUS, I've never seen it before. Microsoft paint is SO much fun haahaha I play with it all the time, never really thought to put the pics up before until my Best Friend in the World post.

    Now following your gorgeous blog.

    Good luck with the comp!!!

  5. That dress is lovely and good luck x


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