20 January 2012

Paper dolls and handkerchiefs

I went to visit my Gran the other day and she gave me some old treasures that she'd had tucked away in the cupboard. At first I thought this was a paper doll wearing a dress made out of the same material, but upon closer inspection I realised the dress has actually been fashioned out of a handkerchief! According to my Gran and the message on the back, this was made as a Christmas gift for my Great Aunty Ruth by her friend Lucy in 1964. It is amazingly detailed and must have taken a long time to make. I'm so glad Gran kept it all this time as it's just the sort of thing I love. I'll share my other treasures soon :)


  1. It is amazing the details are beautiful. How lovely of your Gran to think of you.

    1. Yes, Gran said she knows I like 'old things' so who better to give them to :)

  2. How beautiful such gorgeous details. I love little treasures like this.

  3. That must be a classic precious treasure, it's gorgeous and feminine :) I live your blog and I'm following you.
    hope you'll follow back



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