20 February 2012

Glomesh Monday #2

Happy Monday everyone :) Today in part 2 of my Glomesh series I'm sharing my collection of small clutches and handbags.

The first cream clutch was a bargain from my favourite op shop at only 75c. I didn't realise Glomesh bags were made that small until I found this but I love it's cute size. The second white clutch is my most recent find, also from the same op shop at a similarly thrifty price of $2.50 (I'm sensing a theme here). This one still feels fairly rigid, is completely unmarked inside and includes the original pocket mirror. I can't quite remember where I got the third one from but it's a similar size to the other clutches with a small metallic strap.

These are the only two gold and silver bags I have in my collection :) The gold one was picked up from the op shop my mum volunteers at, and the silver was from one of our regular op shop stops, both about $12 each. I love the slinky metallic finish on these bags, but most of all I love the shape. I think some Glomesh bags, like the clutches above, have a universal shape that translates well into 'modern' fashions, but the shape and style of the gold and silver ones below give them a distinctive olden-day feel.

What Glomesh items have you discovered in your travels lately?


  1. I love Glomesh! :) I picked up a bag in perfect condition for $4 at an op shop and recently I decided to cut down on my collection so I listed it on ebay - and it sold for $37!!! :-D

    I'm running a giveaway over at my blog and would love you to enter: Jewellery Pack Giveaway!

  2. I loooooooove glomesh bags, they remind me of everything from discos to nanna's with blue rinse hair.

  3. I love glomesh because it reminds me of my Grandma. There's a neat wallet for sale in my etsy shop...if no-one buys it guess I'll just have to keep it. What a shame....

  4. Love it. I have a gorgeous silver bag that was my grandma's :) I also have a silver Glomesh wallet that I use every day, it even has stains in the coin section from copper one and two cent pieces!


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