12 March 2012

Glomesh Monday #4

Today is the final edition of Glomesh Monday. I hope you've enjoyed taking a peep into my (continually expanding) collection :) For this last roundup I have four more bags to share, including my most unusual Glomesh find.

I found this white bag brand new in its box for $5 at my local op shop. I think it looks rather ladylike with its 'vintage' shape and white and gold enamel clasp.

Black Glomesh bag
Next we have a black bag in a similar style to the one above, but with larger mesh pieces. I think I prefer the style of bags made of smaller mesh but it's nice to have a bit of variety.

I'd never come across a square Glomesh satchel until I found this cream one in an op shop for $4. It's one of the most unique pieces in my collection but I do have one that's even more unusual...

...which is this light brown mesh-suede hybrid ($2). Unlike all of my other Glomesh bags which are completely covered in mesh with a satin or cotton lining, the front and back halves of this bag are joined by a suede-like material. It has an unusual yellow and gold enamel clasp and the strap alternates between a thin and thick chain. I'd be interested to know when this style of bag was produced so if you have any insight do let me know :)

So that concludes my Glomesh collection. I'm fairly picky with what goes into my collection now (running out of space in my drawer!) but I'd like to find a maroon bag and I always love finding Glomesh accessories - a lipstick case is next on my list. The Burnside vintage fair is on again next weekend so I might pick up a couple things there :) In the meantime I'm eagerly awaiting the relaunch!

If you missed my previous Glomesh posts, you can find them here 1, 2, 3. What is your favourite or most unusual Glomesh find?


  1. Great collection !!!!!

  2. i love the square one I have never seen one before.

  3. I still have the candy pink glomesh bag i got for my 21st (29 years ago). Dont see them often

    1. I didn't even know they were made in pink, how interesting :)

  4. Go the Glomesh! There is simply nothing like it... I love your finds xx


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