07 January 2015


Hello people that have stumbled across this blog! I would say hello to my regular readers, but I don't think there are too many remaining after having not posted for, uh, well over two years now (and if you do remain I sincerely apologise if you have been checking back everyday for the last 850 days staring wistfully at the page hoping for a new post to appear).

Given it is a new year, I felt the need to tie up loose ends, this blog being one of them. In the years since I have last posted, I have continued to op shop and my love of secondhand has not wavered. My commitment to my blog, however, has very much wavered and I feel the need to now let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore... (I have not even seen the movie Frozen and yet I know the words to the song).

I will leave the blog up as an archive, but have disabled comments (SO MUCH SPAM) and will no longer be posting. I can still be contacted via email and I will be posting my thrifty finds on Instagram (ie. lazy person's blogging). I may start another blog, but it will be unrelated to this one, so perhaps we will meet in a different place at a different time...

Until then, all the best with your op shopping adventures and keep thrifting! I know I will be :)
Bec xx

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