05 April 2009

Shiny things

Here's some more jewellery that Mum and I have found recently. It was a bit overcast in Adelaide when I took the pics so had trouble finding good lighting.

Mum found the brooch for $2 - I did a bit of research and found out that the design is a Victorian-style, Limoges painting depicting a man singing to a woman. Limoges is a city in France, known for its medieval enamels and 19th century porcelain (thankyou Wikipedia). I don't think it's a genuine Limoges brooch as it's not stamped on the back, but is pretty nonetheless :)

The twisted hoop earrings were also spotted by Mum and cost $3. They're not stamped with anything but I suspect they're sterling silver as they feel quite solid. The bow necklace cost $3, and is stamped with "Tiffany" on the back, so could be a knock-off Tiffany & Co piece. I think I might wear this with the dress I found on the op shop tour :) The pearl bracelet cost $1 and is quite heavy, and also magnetic! I found out that magnetic 'pearls' are made by bonding remaining powder from polishing natural pearls onto magnetic beads, so that could be the case with this bracelet.

Last but not least, the ring... I examined this in the car after buying it, and found that it was stamped 925. In other words, nine karat gold! Most amazingly of all, it cost *drumroll* $2.50! It's a little loose fitting but I love it, especially since it was such a good find. Here's a close up of the brooch and ring for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Lovely stuff hun but 925 is the sterling silver hallmark isn't it? Still a lovely find however!

  2. Great finds! That's really cool that you're from Adelaide too. Will keep an eye out for you next time I'm at Magill x Sushi

  3. Fantastic Find - I especially love the earrings and the ring!

  4. oh my gosh... I am so jealous!! what great kinds!!


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