04 June 2009


Extreme apologies for the lack of posts for uh...two months tomorrow exactly, oops! I haven't felt much like taking photos lately and uni has been busy as usual. I'm down to my last two assignments for the semester, and then one exam in a few weeks, yipee :) This is just a quick post to share with you my new study buddy, Virgil.

I acquired him recently for 50c. He sits on my desk on top of my trusty Collins Compact Dictionary that I've had since primary school. Although not really sure how 'compact' you would call it. I thought he might motivate me to study, with his little mortar board and scholarly bow tie and spectacles. Hopefully that motivation will kick in sooner rather than later. Once the holidays arrive, I promise to take a lot more photos of my finds.

Excuse the 'Whooga' advertisement in my sidebar. I'm trying to win some new ugg boots to replace the ones I currently have which are years old and have a hole where my big toe is on my right foot. It's the fourth day of Winter so they would be nice and snuggly for my perpetually freezing, badly-circulated feet :) I want my toes to be toasted, not frozen!

Goodluck to everyone who has exams and assignments due :)


  1. Oh, cute! Everyone should own a bespectacled owl wearing a bowtie.
    I just stumbled onto your blog & think you may have thrifting superpowers! :)


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