09 July 2009

Capes and things

As promised, here are some photos of the clothing I've collected over the past few weeks.

I got this Mink Pink dress from Gilles Street Market a few Sundays ago for $10. As well as second hand clothing, designers also sell clothing they've made, which can make the markets a little bit expensive. It just means you have to search extra hard for some hidden gems. I bought a necklace as well which I shall post about another time.

I found this cape (!) for $8 at an op shop a few weeks ago. It's 100% wool and so nice and warm :) It has a little scarf thing that's attached as well which is cute. I feel a little bit Lord of the Rings in it though so haven't been brave enough to wear it out. What do you think, is it too blanket-y looking?

I absolutely love this forest (emerald?) green skirt I found the other day for $4. It's a nice silky material with pale green lining on the inside. I think it's been handmade as there's no tag. Can't wait to wear this out somewhere, I already have a few outfits planned.

Lastly are these boots I found for $2. They're a little bit worn but I like that they look sort of beat-up and tough haha.


  1. Wau your things are cute, and very cheap!

  2. eeek! that cape is absolutely to die for! it's absolutely gorgeous. I'm like you, probably wouldn't be brave enough to venture out in it, but all the same it's a lovely thing to find and have.

  3. ooo I have been looking for a pair of vintage boots like yours for about a year now! And a cape is on my wishlist too.

  4. Thankyou for your lovely comments :)

    Sarah, I'm determined to wear it one day! But for now will just stick to snuggling up in it at home. You always have great finds on your blog :) I don't think I'd be able to run a very successful ebay shop, I'd be tempted to keep everything!

    an92, it was a miracle that those shoes actually fit (they're a little roomy but close enough). Usually all the shoes I find are for tiny little pixie feet! I love you blog. I went to the same place at Vic Harbour for my year 8 retreat *memories*

  5. Oooh fabulous cape!! great find :)

  6. LOVE! those boots. I have a brown pair I found at the Salvos that are a bit roughed up like that but they're so comfy. Cute blog.


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