08 July 2009

Op shoppers guide to the galaxy (or Adelaide at least)

I admit I've been a wee bit slack in keeping my blog up-to-date, but now that I'm on a break from uni (and have been for about a week...) I'll be able to post more regularly. I'm off to Melbourne for four nights next week so can't wait to check out the op shops there on Chapel St (I think that's the one) and will definitely be hitting up Camberwell markets on Sunday yippee!

I've been working on a map of Op Shops in Adelaide, which you can see in the sidebar. I've tried to organise addresses by suburb/street name to make the list a bit more organised and will be adding small reviews. I might put the map in an actual post so you can comment with any suggestions and shops that you want me to add :) I promise I'll post up some photos tomorrow. Lots of jewellery and a few bits of clothing, so stay tuned!


  1. Wow that's great!!! I did one just a few weeks ago, but mine's more focused on vintage stores:


  2. That's an extensive list you have there! I was thinking of adding some vintage stores but I might just link to your map. I love Purple Haze, although smells like hippies haha


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