01 May 2010

Tell me more, tell me more...

'Twas a very successful shopping trip today of the op variety. I took my friend around to some oppies to find her a costume for a 1950s themed 21st that we've both got coming up. We found a pink faux leather jacket, a black skirt and bought some tulle to sew underneath - hello Pink Lady! I've already bought a dress from Etsy but you'll have to wait for the finished product. In the meantime I managed to stumble across these beauties and yes, it was love at first sight!

I found this pretty dress at the Salvos for $6. I love the style of this dress with its little capped sleeves and gorgeous colours. It has a ruffled hem and ruffling on each side of the row of buttons that goes down the middle.

I also found this wonderful wool/poly blend mustard coloured coat at Vinnies for $18! I have been craving a coat in this colour for a while and prayed hard that it was my size when I saw it. Lucky for me it's a small 10! I think this will turn out really nicely after a good dry clean. My Dad thinks it looks like one of the old jackets that real estate agents from Century 21 used to wear but I love it! It's a swing-style jacket that kind of flares out a bit at the bottom. I found a couple pairs of earrings and a brooch today as well. One pair are Avon earrings that cost 50c! Saving those for another post though ;)


  1. Great finds!! Love that dress and although I'm not a fan of mustard generally, that jacket is pretty cool. Have fun at the party! xo

  2. That coat is AMAZING! I wish it was mine...good find!


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