14 May 2010

Three little earrings all in a row

I took about fifty million photos of these earrings trying to get a decent shot and of course in the end the one I took first turned out the best. Oh well at least I got out in the sunshine for a bit. The little bells in the middle are the Avon earrings I mentioned in my previous post. I found these in a junky box full of bits and pieces of jewelery (You know, like those metallic pom pom earrings people wear around Christmas and those thin rubber bracelets that were cool in the 90s. Well I thought they were cool. Especially if you wore two linked together). I asked the op shop lady how much they were and she said that they have a minimum of 50c for items to which I casually replied "oh ok" and handed over my coin.

The flowers I found for a couple dollars at my favourite op shop and the Pharaohs were $5 from the Salvos which was probably a bit much but I thought they were interesting =)


  1. Cute! I really like the look of the Pharaoh earrings.

  2. what's your fave opshop in Adelaide?
    I'm from Adelaide too. Went op shopping in my lunch break and found a gorgeous glomesh bag.


  3. You seem to find the most adorable things! I love these earrings, especially the darling little bells.

  4. good point, sometimes they get it right and other times they over price. It all depends on who is pricing on any given day. I've been a bit disappointed in salvos lately. I've even busted them on asking MORE than the original price which can be seen on some items. And they ask for ridiculous amounts on replica bags which they SAY are authentic but cannot prove and my keen eye can spot the fakes. I still love Salvos just not their corporate pricing.


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