31 July 2010

Oh deer

I used to pine over look at this deer everytime I went to the op shop and was surprised to come home one day and see her sitting on my desk in all her glazed ceramic glory after Mum had bought her for 50c =) I have called her the very original name of Bambi. Here is Bambi frolicking in the violets...

Speaking of violets I also picked up these cute earrings for a couple dollars...

What's everyone doing this weekend? I think for the rest of the day I'll catch up on some uni reading and then tonight I'm going out for Indian for my friend's 21st. I hope there's onion baji and pistachio kulif icecream, yum!


  1. so cute!!! just stumbled across your blog today!!! i love it..i'm from adelaide too but am having trouble finding other adelaidean girls on here hmm back to uni hw too


  2. What a cutie! I love vintage deer figurines, there is just something about them!
    I stumbled accross your blog today, I posted a similar post on my blog a couple of weeks ago haha!
    Great blog hon.

    - Girl Friday xx

  3. Hey, I tagged you for a blog award :-)

  4. Love the earrings!!


  5. hello bec! it is so lovely to hear from you,

    about the waistbands, luckily for me these were a perfect fit! i know what you mean though, i have purchased a pair of vintage pink high waisted shorts (absolutely gorgeous) but the waistband is also too big for me. they've been sitting there for almost two months as i just don't know how to do it!

    i know that it is normally recommended to take in waist bands as such but it is possible, though you pretty much have to take the whole item apart, cut the pieces smaller or add darts and then sew it all back together again.

    i'm not the best at sewing but that's how my mum alters larger things, i think i'll ask her to help me out :)

    all the best with your altering !!

  6. sooo cute, i loove the earty feel of this post. cute earrings too :)

  7. What a wonderful blog you have! Such great finds.

  8. Hi Bec! I totally just went and read your whole blog haha! I love finding Adelaide people. And I am so impressed with some of your op shop finds - I absolutely died when I saw the lord of the rings-esque cape. Holy mother of the op shopping god.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting and your comment! I did honours last year, and while it was incredibly gruelling, I would recommend it to anyone who considers it. I think you get challenged far beyond what you are in undergrad, and you come out really knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are. If you don't mind me asking, what uni/discipline are you studying with? I might be able to give you some more insight if you wanted!

  9. I love your blog! I hope you come back and keep updating :)


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