11 February 2011

Winter woolies

Even though it's so warm I can't help beginning to think about winter and wearing wonderful layers and tights and boots. These two jumpers are tucked away in my cupboard waiting for the weather to cool down so they can make an appearance...

I got this cute kind of cable knit red jumper with little stitched flowers for only $1 off the op shop's 'reduced' wrack. I was just thinking that it's kind of odd for op shops to have such wracks considering they're so cheap already, but when you look at the prices of clothing at some stores it's another story! I also got the coffee coloured jumper below with flower motif for $2.50 half price :)

I think these will look really cute with a collared shirt poking out and have been keeping my eye out for some with peter pan collars (no luck yet!). Also on the lookout for a detachable leopard print collar and have spotted some on etsy that look nice. What are you looking forward to wearing this winter? Or if you're already in winter share some of your favourite pieces :)


  1. Ohh, lovely knits! I can't wait for the cold weather either! I keep dreaming of big coats over dainty dresses, colourful berets and vintage boots. Ohhh, bliss! And open fires! Ahh!!!

    Are you in australia somewhere? I am from Melbourne!

    xx Claire

  2. Love your jumpers - great finds! I have been keeping an eye out for some lovely knits for winter also - though I think my local op shops won't bring them out until it gets cooler. I always have trouble finding knits that aren't gigantic - there never seems to be any smaller sizes - here's hoping this year is different! Love your blog :-)


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