26 April 2011

Day one vintage fashion fair

Hello everyone, this is a bit of a belated post but nevertheless I hope you all had a nice Easter :) If you're anything like me you're still revelling in the joys of leftover hot cross buns with real butter, yum! Over the Easter loooong weekend I travelled with a lovely friend to The Way We Wear vintage fashion fair held at the Burnside Ballroom to spend my Birthday money. The fairs are held in states across Australia and I believe the Gold Coast is up next so check the dates on the website. I highly recommend going if you can make it to one! This was the first vintage fair I'd been too and it was so much fun; Glomesh heaven I tell you!! There were two delightful levels full of vintage clothing, jewellery, homewares and other bits and bobs. Here's a picture I took from the upstairs level...

There was just so much great stuff to look at - I think I was having heart palpitations. You have to do at least a couple rounds to really have a good look at everything. All the stallholders were so friendly. One lady had a stall full of old and quirky buttons and was telling me how she sources them mostly from overseas. She had some really cute ones shaped like Jatz biscuits - I didn't buy them but wish I had taken a picture!

Now I know you're probably thinking that I must've gone slightly nuts with buying up Glomesh but I'm proud to say that I only bought a couple things that I'd be unlikely to come across in an op shop and didn't buy any handbags. I did, however, see a white Glomesh satchel that I'd bought in an op shop for $4 being sold for $75 so was a bit chuffed about that (although no one had bought it so perhaps is was priced a bit high). Anywho enough chat and on to the purchases!

My first purchase was a cute little umbrella brooch made of tin or something similar. The lady at that stall had lots of lovely brooches and jewellery set out as well as some small vintage handbags and sewing supplies. At the next stall I got a bit of a shock opening a trinket box with a cameo on top to find a lock of plaited hair inside (!) but quickly got over it in my excitement at finding this Glomesh sunglasses case. I didn't even know such a thing existed and snapped that up without hesitation. The cigarette case (to keep my imaginary cigarettes in), on the other hand, I went back to about three times before buying but am glad I did because I've been looking for one to add to my collection and this was in really good nick with the Glomesh sticker still attached inside.

My final purchase for the day was this beautiful lilac beaded chiffon dress. It was made by an old Sydney label called En-Ka Fashions and must be quite old because the sizing is labelled as XSSW and is marked as No. 15. The stallholder offered for me to try it on in the bathroom, which I found a lot of stallholders were happy for fair-goers to do. The dress was $90 and he must have seen me hesitating when I came back because he offered to knock $20 off the price to which I replied "yesplzilltakeit!". The colour and beading is just so lovely and I can't wait to wear it :)

So that concludes day one of the vintage fair. I didn't realise it when I bought the ticket, but a couple of the stallholders let us know that they could be used for multiple entries to the fair over the weekend. I cheekily asked my friend if I could have her ticket so I could come back with my Mum on Monday, which we did, so stay tuned for round two :)


  1. Wow, what an amazing fair, and what a venue to hold it!

  2. Looks like great fun! Glomesh is awesome, I bought a silver Glomesh purse on eBay the other week, loving it to bits!

  3. Ooooh maybe I'll have to make the drive down to the GC for the next fair. That glomesh sunglasses case is amaaaaazing (as is everything else you bought!)

  4. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH-MAZING!! GREAT WAY TO SPEND YOUR B-DAY MONEY!!!!!
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