06 January 2010

Christmas loot part two

Continuing on with the op shop-related Christmas pressies, I also received this gorgeous cream coloured clutch. Just the right size to fit all my crap essentials in when I go out. The inside is all cushy and satiny:

This next one wasn't op-shopped but was given to me by my Aunty. It's a glomesh coin purse that belonged to my Dad's mum so it was a really thoughtful and sentimental present. I love glomesh and don't have anything like this in my collection.

My Aunty also bought me a ticket to another op shop tour which is in a few weeks time, can't wait! I'm going with my cousin :) Hello Linda if you're reading! This time we will definitely be nabbing a seat near the front of the bus and not be moving to the back for some lady with 'car sickness' - yeah right! You can read about the tour me and mum went on here.

This last present wasn't op-shopped as such but was still recycled in a sense. It's a Mickey Mouse watch I used to wear when I was little. Thought we had given it away but Mum found it and got a new battery put in yipee :) Was my favourite present.

So that concludes my loot of nifty thrifty Christmas pressies. Of course like anyone I enjoy new things from time to time but I love op shopping and appreciated the thought that went into these pressies :) I can safely say none will be returning to the op shop anytime soon haha.


  1. ah that sequin clutch! I have so many that were handed down from my grandma! Amazing!

  2. Hi hun, I was the lady with car sickness and I can assure you it was genuine. I usually wait until the other passengers have departed before getting off, so sitting near the front didn't give me any advantage in getting into the store before you.


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