24 January 2010

This little light of mine

Oh dear, looks like I've already fallen off the blogging wagon. So much for more regular updates! Must. Try. Harder. I admit I've been slack in photographing my recent finds, but I do have some photos of my latest acquisition to share with you.

I bought this cute retro desk lamp from a local op shop for $5, still in good working condition. I don't think op shops are actually allowed to sell second hand electrical goods in case someone gets injured, but I'm assured that all their electrical items are checked out and tested (ie. by plugging the item into a power outlet out the back and assuming it's ok if it turns on without burning the shop down). Anyway here it is in all it's light-giving glory...

Writing about my 'retro' lamp just now reminded me of an interesting exert I read the other day from a book called The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping by Melody Fortier about the difference between vintage and retro fashion. Here's what Ms. Fortier had to say on the matter...

'...the true definition of vintage has something to do with age and previous popular appeal, but that's not everything. For me a key concept is what I like to call 'Enduring Style'...Be they old or not so old, vintage fashions are about styles that are pioneering, classic or iconic as well as reflective of their era. And although their day may have come and gone, there is renewed interest in wearing them' (p.10).

'Retro is another term used (and confused) with vintage. Retro commonly refers to clothing designed to emulate past fashions... Retro-vintage is vintage clothing that evokes an even earlier time than its own' (p.12).

I still haven't quite got my head around the definitions of both of these, especially with 'antique' then thrown into the mix. I may have to get my paws on a copy of the book so I can read up a bit more. For now I think I'll just cover all bases by referring to anything that looks like it was made before I was born as 'old'.


  1. Great little lamp! And yes, the difference between retro and vintage and antiques is confusing. Not to mention that now the 1990s is considered vintage as it's now officially 20 years old!

  2. Fabulous lamp!! He's just so cute!
    At work we name anything that's old that looks flower power or orange or anything that oozes Retro, Retro. I've always disagreed and thought that retro means reproduction of something from that retro era.
    The dictionary says
    retro 1 |ˈretrō|
    imitative of a style, fashion, or design from the recent past : retro 60s fashions.

    Everyone has a different opinion on it.
    When it comes to clothing, Retro to me is a reproduction of Vintage. But when it comes to items such as a retro lamp which is something from the 60's/70's like the one you found, I call it retro. So ugh it really is confusing.
    All confusing and changes depending on who you chat to!
    I have no idea if that makes sense haha.

  3. Cute lamp! I can't wait to move to a city so I can go thrifting every other day :p

    This is the way I classify things; it is by no means 'correct'.
    - If it's anything wearable from the 90's of before I refer to it as 'vintage'.
    - If it's kitchsy sort of stuff in bright colours -mainly oranges and yellows/70's sort of stuff. Tacky if you will.. I label it 'retro'.
    - If it's an old ornament or piece of furniture that my nan would love to own but I'm not particularly fond of it goes in the 'antique' pile.
    - The same goes for any reproductions, I just add 'feeling' or 'looking' on the end.

    Ahh it is an interesting topic.
    Thanks for getting the brain buzzing :)

  4. Cute lamp. I'm still getting my head around the definitions. They're interesting though. I refer to everything as 'old' too haha.

  5. I loved 'The Host'. It was very different from Twilight yes.. A little more difficult to read, it was written with bigger words sorta thing. Oh really? A trilogy? That would be awesome! I love series... It's an addiction. I like to know that if I finish my book there is another one for me to go straight on to...

    Oh thanks for complimenting my layout, I'm actually thinking about changing it at the moment. I dunno, I think I want three columns but MAN that is hard to do and keep my current template design :)

    What other books do you recommend since we have a few in common? I'm trying to read as many as possible this year!

  6. just bought myself a retro lamp the other day. nice


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