11 January 2010

Summer days

I mentioned towards the end of my last post that many op shops are beginning to open after the Christmas & New Year break. Now, and for the whole of January really, is a great time to go op shopping as people are de-cluttering for a fresh start to the year as well as donating unwanted Christmas pressies. I've had a bit of a de-clutter myself so hope to get my op shop on sometime this week when some nice (ie. below 40 degree) weather kicks in.

Speaking of the weather, here are some cute Summery dresses I found a while ago. Did you notice my segue there (as opposed to segway which is the thing you ride. Took me ages to figure that one out!) ?

This one's a Valley Girl dress (I'm beginning to see a theme with Valley Girl clothing) made from light cottony material with a cute matching bow at the front and cost $5.

This second one I think may have been made by hand as it doesn't have a tag. I think it would look cute with a light denim jacket. This one cost $2.

Both dresses need a little bit of altering of the straps and such. I'll have to get someone to do that for me; It's times like these I really wish I could sew!


  1. I love the first dress!

    I tried to take up sewing like 2 years ago but failed terribly!!

  2. The print on the valleygirl dress is really pretty.
    Thank you so much for your kind words too on my blog :) x

  3. great prints. wish it was feasible to help! ive been shut away in my rooming finally getting through all the alterations ive been meaning to do

  4. I love the florals, and the second dress is particularly pretty.
    What a great idea for a blog, and I had no idea it was called Op Shopping in Australia, how interesting!


  5. i luv these dresses they seem so fun! :)


  6. Ooh, great finds (love the colourful prints on these dresses)!
    Now is such a good time to go op shopping, hey! When I went to donate some stuff to my local the other day, they were already overflowing (yay for us). ^__^


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