10 January 2010

Fill me with apples

Haven't op shopped much clothing in a while so thought I'd do a small post on these two tops I managed to nab at my favourite op shop when they were having a half price sale.

The on on the left is a navy Valley Girl top with apples all over it and cost $1.75. It zips up at the side so fits really nicely and has pleats at the front. The second one is a light blue dotty shirt from Temt, also with a zip up the side and cute puffy sleeves, which cost $1.25.

The coat hangers the tops are hanging on are most likely from an op shop too. Op shops are great for finding padded coat hangers, especially the knitted Nana style ones. I think these are better for your clothes than wire or plastic hangers. Hope you're all not melting in the heatwave! A lot of op shops re-open next week after the Christmas and New Year break so hopefully it will cool down a bit by then.

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  1. did u know tempt and valley girl are owned by the same company

  2. I really should explore my local op shops more, that's definitely something I need to find more time to do. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Also I'm trying to write a how to: op shop guide on Wikifashion here , I'd love for you to edit it/give your opinions!


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