07 January 2010

Silver bells

I wore this bag with the dress I found on the first op shop tour to my cousin's wedding at the end of October last year. It was brand new, only $5 from the op shop and a perfect match for the dress. I love all the silver beading. I also wore the bow necklace I found awhile ago. My shoes and underwear were new though haha.

Unfortunately I don't have any decent pictures of my outfit from that day so here's a closeup of the bag instead which is much more interesting...

Continuing with the silver theme, I found this genuine Glomesh coin purse for $6. It was sitting in the counter cabinet; couldn't believe someone hadn't snapped it up already!



  1. Thanks for stopping by Faux Fuchsia! Your posts lately have inspired me to declutter :)

  2. That tiny little glomesh purse, is sooo precious!
    Thank you for the lovely comment x

  3. That bag is beautiful, it looks like a cloud hehe!


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