04 March 2009


In my op shop travels I've found some really unique pieces of jewellery. One of my favourite necklaces is the wooden one on the left with the leather cord, which set me back 50c. The turquoise ring is another one of my favourites - it has writing on the inside of the band which says it's sterling silver and cost $4.50. Lucky I have small fingers because a few ladies tried it on before me but it didn't fit them. It was meant to be :) The ring next to that is a thin silver band woven into an infinity symbol or sideways 8 and cost $4. The dish came from an op shop too; I bought it to keep a few rings and things on.

After a bit of research (ie. Google) I found out that the hot air balloon brooch ($1) comes from the Red Hat Society who are a network of women 'approaching 50' who gather at conventions and events wearing red hats and purple outfits. I'm a little far away from turning 50, but I think the brooch is cute anyway :)

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  1. I couldn't help but smile at the pin dish cause thats how I store my jewellery finds as well. I keep most of my jewellery on these dishes in a single drawer in my queen anne dressing table and it looks so pretty. You see what you want at a glance :)


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