04 March 2009

Enough books for a library

As well as being an Opaholic, I'm also an avid reader. I couldn't believe my luck with the books I found at op shops over the holidays, and most of them were only $1 each. I'd seen 'Tis by Frank McCourt sitting on the shelf in the op shop for awhile, but didn't pick it up as I hadn't read the book that came before it, Angela's Ashes. The next time I went to the op shop there was half price off almost everything, so I decided to pick it up anyway and low and behold Angela's Ashes was also sitting on the shelf :)

Another time I'd put Suite Francaise on hold at the library and was ready to pick it up, when I went to the op shop and it was staring at me from the shelf! Snapped that up for $2 in brand new condition.

They say luck comes in threes, and my third piece of luck was finding Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith at the same op shop for $1. The book I was currently reading was by the same author and I was thinking about getting some more of his books :)

The only book I've read so far is Pride and Prejudice and I have to say I struggled through it a bit. To be honest I thought it was a bit like a 19th Century version of Women's Weekly - full of gossip about who's marrying who, how much money so-and-so is inheriting etc. I don't think I could have lived as a woman in the 19th Century, spending my time sewing, strolling and gazing out windows. I can appreciate that it's a classic though and the time it was written in.

So there you go - twelve books in excellent condition for less than $15. Should keep me going for awhile :) Although uni is back since yesterday so will probably be restricted to reading textbooks, bleh.

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