12 March 2009

If I only had a heart...

Mum wanted me to share with you the new little friend she made at the op shop today. He is 21cm tall and doesn't have a heart, poor thing :( I tried to tell Mum not to buy him, but I'm glad she didn't listen because he's growing on me (well not literally, as he's made of plastic). Introducing...
The Tin Man

Mum took a liking to him so bought him for $4 (really only cost $2 because I found a $2 coin on the floor... we were evil and didn't just donate it mwahaha). We're now keeping our eyes peeled for Dorothy and co :)

Tomorrow night the boyfriend and I are going to his friend's 21st in town. The theme is 'Think Outside the Box'. The invite suggests appalling fashions and terribly clashing colours so of course a trip to the op shop was in order. Let's just say my outfit involves silky mixed animal print pants, a red silky jacket and a blue belt with some kind of diamante horseshoe buckle. Stay tuned for picatures ;)

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  1. Oh I lovvvve him!!!! I would have picked him up too!
    Your Mum was very smart!
    I love all Disneys/Old childhood movies like Wizard of Oz and can't ever leave something that makes me go all childlike inside, like dear tinman there, behind.


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