12 March 2009

Birthdays and bows

It's been a busy week so haven't been able to post for awhile. My Birthday was on Monday :) It was a public holiday, therefore no uni, so just spent most of the day relaxing at home which was great! As well as some books, jewellery and moolah from various people, I also got a couple of op shop-related goodies...

The first was a cute handbag which I happen to know came from an op shop. I love the colour and bow, and it has a really soft leathery kind of texture. The second was two tickets to an Op Shop Tour which was part of the Fringe! Me and Mum went to this on Tuesday; shall post about it in the next blog :)


  1. Gorgeous handbag!!
    xx (Funkstar from the Vogue forum)

  2. Oh my! I have this handbag in yellow and I brought it from one of our local op-shops here on the Gold Coast! I love op-shopping and post about it a fair bit, but not as much as you! Here's the bag - http://alittlebirdtoldme-craft.blogspot.com/2009/08/i-love-op-shopping_20.html



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