04 March 2009


If you source your wardrobe from op shops you can find some really unique items and there's little chance someone will be wearing the same thing as you. It can be hard to find clothing in small sizes, so I was lucky to find these pieces...

Ladakh dress - $2.50
Colorado dress - $1
Free Fusion from Target dress - $1.75

I am yet to wear the Ladakh or Colorado dress, but I think I'd wear the first with shorts as its a bit short and slightly see through, and I'm imagining wearing the Colorado dress with a belt, black leggings or tights and a long cardi if it's cold. The Free Fusion dress is nice and cool for around home.

Little Potty Red Shoes dress - $8
Olive dotty dress - $2

I was really excited to find the Little Potty Red Shoes dress in Vinnies as I'd heard of this Adelaide designer before. The dress is really tight fitting but looks great, can't wait to wear it! The tag on the olive coloured dress has been cut off so not sure of the brand, but it looks nicer on than on the coat hanger. As much as I dislike the overuse of the word, it's very 'vintage' looking.

Mink Pink blouse - $1.75
Target lacy shirt - $2.50

I love both these shirts. Mink Pink is quite an expensive brand I think so was happy to find this.

Target jacket - $4
Jacqui E jacket - $12

Both these jackets are a great fit, but haven't had a chance to wear them yet as it hasn't been cool enough. $12 is usually more than I would pay for an op shop jacket but it fitted so well I couldn't say no.

So there's some of the clothing finds I've made at op shops over the holidays. Most of the clothes were extra cheap because they were half price =)

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