06 March 2009

Bits and bobs

Just a few bits and bobs I collected from various op shops.

Black opaque tights - 50c
White dotty tights - 50c
Brown plait belt - $1
White plait belt - $2
Silky scarves - $1 or so each
Brown and gold weave shoes - $4

While I buy quite a few clothes, I'm not yet (or ever, I hope) at the stage of buying underwear from op shops... I figured the tights were ok though as they're brand new and still in their packaging. This is the first pair of shoes I've bought from an op shop - will need to replace the innersoles but apart from that they're in fairly good condition :) I loved the patterns and colours on the scarves. Here's a close up:

Hope everyone has a great weekend :) It's my Birthday on Monday, which is really why it's a public holiday - not because of Adelaide cup ;)


  1. Your photos are great, I love all your finds!!
    I'v 'followed' you :p

  2. love the scarves!

    i can never seem to find any nice ones at op shops :(

  3. your photos are stunning! looking forward to the next blog


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