07 March 2009

Lady in red

I found (well technically Mum found) this gorgeously floaty batwing style Sportsgirl top a couple weeks ago at Mum and I's favourite Save The Children op shop. I don't usually shop at Sportsgirl as I find it to be a bit (a lot) expensive for a chainstore, so was very very very happy to pick this up at half price for a mere $1.75!

After a quick stop at another nearby op shop I picked up these earrings for $2 in total. The little old lady at the op shop informed me she had some similar ones at home and that $2 was a bargain because they're Avon earrings :) The earrings on the right matched the Sportsgirl top I'd picked up perfectly, so I wore both out to a housewarming party that night :)

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  1. What a beautiful top! I can't believe you find these things at such ridiculously cheap prices!


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